Thursday, December 20, 2012

Confessions of a Struggling Model #021

Hey yall! No picture today. Just an update blog on how I'm doing in the modeling world. I MUST say... MODELING IS NOT EASY!!! I have found that is it EXTREMELY hard to find reliable agencies and reliable work. But it's okay because of course I will keep trying. I have also noticed that time differences make a big difference and unfortunately alot of castings are earlier in the day too. But on a lighter note, I got casted to be a part of Dejavogue Modeling Agency, I applied to work with M A G N I F I Q U E and to be casted in Dallas Modeling Agency's January Show. CROSS YOUR FINGERS! I hope I can participate in more shows this year. But also, I think I'm gonna work on my blogging skills, really try to blog new items for OPOPOP, U.R.Fashions, find new stores etc. Maybe that will help me get my face out there as well. I think im going to separate this blog & make a new one just for fashion & keep this one just as a journal for my model experiences.

I still have that ultimate goal of making urban modeling more visible on the map but I think I need more experience in different shows and get my name out there before I really embark on that mission. I do want to eventually have a really popular fashion blog & a fashion magazine highlighting urban designers but all that will come in time.

For the aspiring models out there, please know that its not easy... BUT! don't give up. Just keep trying and sooner or later (or at least I hope) you will find a place in the fashion world :D

Stay tuned for more updates!


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  1. Why do you feel modeling is difficult? Can you please be more specific? I think we share the same feelings, but our experiences might be different...