Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Glamour #010

 * Hair- Magika "Calm"
    * Outfit- *LIV-Glam* "Alex Harlequin Outfit"
    * Shoes- Bax Coen Designs "Black Leather Prestige Boots"
    * Jewelry- [glow] Studio "Szark Gold Necklace" & "Pratis Ring"
    * Nails- *CaNDy NaiL* "Glitter Silver"
*Makeup- Ricielli "Expressive Makeups"
*Bag- ISON "Kabuki Crocodile Tote in eggplant" 

    Hello! I styled this outfit mainly for my CWS Casual Styling part of my Final. Autumn is my absolute favorite season! With its cooler weather and beautiful colors, it was easy to come up with a lovely look.
    I chose to wear a lovely mesh "Alex Harlequin Outfit" complete with a sexy pencil skirt and low necked patterned top designed by [LIV-Glam]. With its bold yet simple pattern has beautiful colors perfect for the fall weather. This outfit is paired with sleek black boots designed by Bax Coen. I accessorized with a gold and black "Pratis" Ring and a gold "Szark" necklace both from Glow Studio. I also grabbed a great Crocodile skin tote in eggplant from ISON (for the picture only. I haven't mastered doing runway with a bag without having it look all over the place). With my hair simply brushed back, this outfit is perfect for any woman on the go. Comfortable and versatile, staying warm has never been cuter!
    I am happy to say that I passed my final with a 98! Of course with my perfectionist personality, I would have loved a 100 but I messed up a lil on the styling formation. (lol) But all in all, my trainer loved my look and my posing (yay!). I am proud to say that I will be graduating University Classic with Style on Friday at 3pm SLT, finally completing the first step to becoming a Top Model. Having fun along the way, I'm excited to see where this journey will end up.

Till next time!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Purple & Blue Fusion {U.R.} #009

*Sighs* As my time as a Classic With Style famous student comes to a close, I would like to give a BIG thanks to all my fantastic instructors! I have learned so much by being a student and look forward to my future as a CWS Model. 

For my final, I have to style clothes from Classic With Style Fashion District's new store addition: U.Refined Fashion. (picture of store front below) U.Refined Fashion is  GREAT urban clothing store and I recommend any and everyone to take a look!

I love bright colors and different patterns, so when I went into the store, I gravitated towards this ensemble. Here I am wearing an outfit entitled "Purple and Blue Fusion" complete with a dark purple blazer, blue leggings and a blue & purple patterned tube top. It also comes in blue & pink, red & black, and black & white. This versatile set is perfect for pairing different items from other stores to make a whole new look!  I decided to wear some sexy nude platform heels from N-Core, balancing the louder colors. Completing this look, I added a double chain gold necklace, "tangled" gold bangles, and a "punisher" gold ring all from -B L E U- (I just love that store!) This look is sexy and sophisticated all at the same time. Enjoy!



*Hair: Distracted from Magika - (Magika 127,146,22)
*Outfit: {U.R} Purple and Blue Fusion - (CWS Fashion District 137,26,751)
*Shoes: N-core Coquette Platform in Nude - (Heels 157,125,25)
*Jewelry: Double Gold Chain Necklace, Tangled Gold Bracelets, Gold Punisher Ring from -B L E U- (Weir 167,139,3094) 
*Nails: Round Nails, Firework Glitter from Leverocci (marketplace)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lady Gaga Midterm Styling #008

*Outfit: Bomb Dress from Ash's Trash - (Foxwood 111,118,23) & Fishnet stockings from *Base 13* - (location moved)
*Hair: Totally Gaga bob from LaVie - (LaVie 125,132,31)
*Makeup: Delirious Mask in Black from .:Glamorize:. - (location moved) & Marina Lipstick in Purple from {Handmade} - (Citrago 187,67,2203)
*Jewelry: Pearl Rain Earring & Necklace set in Black from [MANDALA] - (TEMPURA SOBA 93,109,23)
*Gloves: Spiked Wristbands & Gloves from Heartcore - (Marketplace)
*Shoes: Black "Armadillo" Heels from R.icielli - (Ricielli 126,55,28)

    Hello! This is the look I put together for my Classic with Style October Class Midterm. I am so surprised how fast this month has gone by! I have learned so much about mainstream modeling & excited for my future as a model with Classic with Style. As you can tell, the theme is Lady Gaga! When this theme was assigned, I was a little nervous since Lady Gaga's style is so abstract. But when I started thinking about her past songs, I started to piece this look together.
    This outfit was influenced of my favorite Lady Gaga music video, Paparazzi, a story of starlet that took revenge on her boyfriend that pushed her off a balcony after a fight. My favorite part in the entire video was at the end when Lady Gaga posed for mug shots like a fashion model. Very sexy!
    With that video as my inspiration, I am wearing a tulip shaped metallic Bomb Dress from Ash's Trash. I paired that with some sexy fish net stockings from Base 13. Adding a bit of edge to my look, I chose to wear futuristic black spiked shoes entitled "Armadillo" from R.icielli. I accessorized with wearing fierce black spiked fingerless gloves from Heartcore and elegant black pearls from Mandala. Completing my GaGa look, I wear a blonde wig entitled "Totally Gaga bob" designed by LaVie.
    Lady Gaga has so many different looks, but the clothing she wore in the Paparazzi video is my all time favorite! I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of Lady Gaga fashion.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Autumn Beauty #007

Autumn... My favorite season of all time! I just love the warm colors and pleasant weather. This look was inspired by the beautiful season.

*Hair: Bloom Noir 4HB - Loovus Dzevavor (INFINITA 211,14,32)
*Dress - ViviDesigns Peach Sorbet (tutu 121,158,1501)
*Jewelry- *Classique* Floral Enchantment Earring and Necklace Set (Marketplace) & Autumn Gold Circlet (Ahern 16,32,1503)
*Makeup- R.icielli Expressive Makeups/Eyeshadow 04 (Ricielli 94,111,27) & [C*K] Pink Sparkles (Marketplace) 

If you haven't been able to tell already, I LOVE LOVE LOVE formal wear!! Long, elegant and sophisticated gowns are just my style. This beautiful gown is one of Miss Darcy's designs. Its peach, orange and brown tones fits the season perfectly. I chose to pair this dress with a simple diamond earring and necklace set resembling leaves along with a golden autumn circlet also decorated with leaves. My hair is tied up beautifully into an updo formed into a flowers bloom. Completing this look, I wear silver eyeshadow and face glitter. I hope you enjoy!

With my time at CWS, I have gotten better and better at styling. As I enter the modeling world, I plan to also leap into competitions and pageants, striving to be the best I can be. Wish me luck! :D


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Next SF Designs Super Model 6th Elimination Round #006

Today I attended the Next SF Super Model 6th Elimination Round for SF Designs. Classic W/ Style teamed up with SF Designer Ms Swaffette Firefly and the Top 3 contestants were chosen.  They were judged based on, creativity, walks, poses and their description of the outfit worn. 

The Crown Winner will win amazing prizes such as: 
* The title of Next SF Super Model 2012
* 20,000L$  Sponsored by Classic W/ Style
* Gown or Tuxedo will be Name after You by Swaffette Firefly
* Be photographed by our in house Photographer.
* Picture in CWS magazine and video ad announcement

The First Runner Up will receive:
*10 000L$ gift certificate from SF's Design.  

The Second Runner Up will receive:
*5 000L gift certificate from SF's Design

These are the photos of SilkyVv, Thrishia Denver, Mschevia Resident, & Philippe Byron in the Casual Attire first round

These are the photos of the contestants of the Formal 2nd Round

The judges had similar comments. Mostly about poses or items of clothing/hair going through the body or similar posing but over all each contestant did a fantastic job! I definitely learned the importance of choosing proper posing for each and every outfit. One mistake can cost you the competition.

Congrats to Thrishia Denver, Mschevia Resident, and Philippe Byron for making it to the finals! They will be styling on October 28th at 12pm SLT.

Good Luck!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Epitome of Elegance #005

Hello everyone! I had the great honor of performing as intermission for the finale of the Ms.Universe 2012 Pageant. Below are the two looks that I put together.

*Dress: Liza's Vivian Golden Gown by from Liza's Boutique (required)
*Mask: Gold Carnival Mask from ::KK:: (required)
*Hair: Woodford Noir from Loovus Dzevavor
*Jewelry: Pearl Necklace designed by Lynn Ishtari & Gold "Temptress" Clip Ons from B L E U

*Dress: "The Priestess Purple" from Wild Serenity
*Hair: Woodford Noir from Loovus Dzevavor
*Makeup: Pink Sparkles from Candii Kitten & Lucky Day Combo in Deep Purple from Glamorize
*Jewelry: Chrysalis Necklace & Earring set from Style Society

I had lots of fun performing during the intermission. Thank you Ms. Chevia for the opportunity! :D

Till next time...


Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Ms. Universe Pageant Finale #004

Hola everyone! Today I attended the Ms. Universe Pageant Finale, well actually, I was in the intermissions. But while I was back stage, I was able to snap a few pics of contestants in the first and second round.

Here are the lovely contestants in their swimwear attire. The theme was EXOTIC & these ladies definitely fit the theme. I loved their creativity and each person's take on what "exotic" meant. 

Round 2 was the solo talent and the "Theme" Masquerade Party. This was my favorite round. I got to see some wonderful and interesting talents. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to take pictures for the last round but thanks to Ms. Laylah & Caralyne I was able get a snapshot for the winners. Congrats to Liberty Lighthouse (1st) Janet Brink (2nd) and Princess VioletaGrace (3rd)

Overall, I had a great time at this Pageant. It gives me something to look forward when I get more involved with mainstream modeling. For my next blog, I will be showcasing the two looks I put other for the intermission performances.

Tata for now!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

VelvetRythms Fashion Show #003

I attended the VelvetRythms Fashion Show performed by the Classic with Style Corporation. This fashion showcased the versatility of Ms Velvetori Twine. VelvetRythms is the brand name created by Velvetori Twine to label her exciting and unique clothing creations. Velvet (a designer also in RL), has created hundreds of unqiue exciting designs, which have had thousands of her customers eagerly waiting for more of her sexy daring designs and stupendous colors. Below are some of the snapshots of her beautiful designs.

I am IN LOVE with her designs! They are elegant as well as sophicated. Just my style! I look forward to graduating CWS so that I have the honor of showcasing different designer's clothing lines. Until then, I will soak up as much as I can!


Friday, October 12, 2012

I Am Africa #002

    Hello! This is the look I put together for Classic with Style's Around the World Theme Styling Event. Being of African American descent, choosing a country such as South Africa to represent was an obvious choice for me. With its broad mixture of people, languages and cultures, I am proud to represent South Africa in front of you all today.
    Inspired by the various fauna in South Africa, I chose to wear a bold, yet elegant animal patterned dress designed by CocoCurious. This sexy yet tasteful dress is easy to wear and can be worn at any event. Adding to my ethnic look, I secured my hair with a Black Knit Headwrap designed by L&H Couture. On my feet, I wear my black leather stilettos entitled DARE designed by Diktator, beautifully pulling my outfit together.
    As accessories, I am wearing leopard patterned bracelets with golden accents, designed by Amorous. Around my slender neck I wear a golden Dindi Collar made by Glow Studio. To top it all off, I don Black and Gold Dahlia earrings designed by Flawless Unicorn.
    *Hair-L&H Black Knit Headwrap
    *Dress- (CC) Animal Print Skirt
    *Shoes- DARE by Diktator
    *Earrings- Black Dahlia by Flawless Unicorn
    *Necklace- Dindi Collar by Glow Studio
    *Bracelet- Gaudy by Amorous
    *Makeup-R. icielli Expressive Makeups in White & Glamorize Rival Black Combo Lips

   Unfortunately, I did not win this styling but I had a great time at this event. Congrats to the winners, Caralyne, Ascensions, & Agee!


My Heritage, My Inspiration #001

    Osiyo! (Cherokee for "Greetings) I wore this look for the Oct 8th "Being You" themed event sponsered University Classic with Style. In light of the theme, I bring you a part of myself.
    This look was influenced by my paternal Cherokee Indian heritage. Growing up, I was in awe of the beautifully bold colors is used in traditional Native American clothing & jewelry. With my grandmother as my inspiration, I chose to wear a brightly colored embroidered bralette paired with a sleek mesh pant in black, both designed by Lethal Couture. Elegantly adding to the long look of my legs, I am wearing stilettos, entitled DARE, designed by Diktator. To complete this bold ensemble, I chose to wear an eye-catching black and gold necklace & earring set entitled Kimora and a gold tangled bracelets both designed by B L E U. This simple but daring look is sure to make heads turn.
     This was my very first Styling Event and I won 3rd place! I am very proud of myself & look forward to more events in the future.
     I hope you guys enjoy the look I put together!

*Hair-/Wasabi Pills/ Aida Mesh Hair - Night shadow
*HairBase- R E M O R S E - Cassie Hairbase
*Lipstick- R.icielli - Lipstick DOLL / 01
*Eyeshadow- R.icielli - EXPRESSIVE Makeups / Eyeshadow 03
*Top- ::LC:: Embroidered Bralette v1
*Pant- Lethal Couture Cape Trouser Slightly Sheer [black] XXS
*Shoes- [Diktator]-DARE  LEFT (BLACK)
*Necklace & Earrings- - B L E U - Kimora *Onyx&Gold*
*Bracelet- - B L E U - Tangled Bracelets *GOLD*