Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lady Gaga Midterm Styling #008

*Outfit: Bomb Dress from Ash's Trash - (Foxwood 111,118,23) & Fishnet stockings from *Base 13* - (location moved)
*Hair: Totally Gaga bob from LaVie - (LaVie 125,132,31)
*Makeup: Delirious Mask in Black from .:Glamorize:. - (location moved) & Marina Lipstick in Purple from {Handmade} - (Citrago 187,67,2203)
*Jewelry: Pearl Rain Earring & Necklace set in Black from [MANDALA] - (TEMPURA SOBA 93,109,23)
*Gloves: Spiked Wristbands & Gloves from Heartcore - (Marketplace)
*Shoes: Black "Armadillo" Heels from R.icielli - (Ricielli 126,55,28)

    Hello! This is the look I put together for my Classic with Style October Class Midterm. I am so surprised how fast this month has gone by! I have learned so much about mainstream modeling & excited for my future as a model with Classic with Style. As you can tell, the theme is Lady Gaga! When this theme was assigned, I was a little nervous since Lady Gaga's style is so abstract. But when I started thinking about her past songs, I started to piece this look together.
    This outfit was influenced of my favorite Lady Gaga music video, Paparazzi, a story of starlet that took revenge on her boyfriend that pushed her off a balcony after a fight. My favorite part in the entire video was at the end when Lady Gaga posed for mug shots like a fashion model. Very sexy!
    With that video as my inspiration, I am wearing a tulip shaped metallic Bomb Dress from Ash's Trash. I paired that with some sexy fish net stockings from Base 13. Adding a bit of edge to my look, I chose to wear futuristic black spiked shoes entitled "Armadillo" from R.icielli. I accessorized with wearing fierce black spiked fingerless gloves from Heartcore and elegant black pearls from Mandala. Completing my GaGa look, I wear a blonde wig entitled "Totally Gaga bob" designed by LaVie.
    Lady Gaga has so many different looks, but the clothing she wore in the Paparazzi video is my all time favorite! I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of Lady Gaga fashion.


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