Sunday, October 21, 2012

Next SF Designs Super Model 6th Elimination Round #006

Today I attended the Next SF Super Model 6th Elimination Round for SF Designs. Classic W/ Style teamed up with SF Designer Ms Swaffette Firefly and the Top 3 contestants were chosen.  They were judged based on, creativity, walks, poses and their description of the outfit worn. 

The Crown Winner will win amazing prizes such as: 
* The title of Next SF Super Model 2012
* 20,000L$  Sponsored by Classic W/ Style
* Gown or Tuxedo will be Name after You by Swaffette Firefly
* Be photographed by our in house Photographer.
* Picture in CWS magazine and video ad announcement

The First Runner Up will receive:
*10 000L$ gift certificate from SF's Design.  

The Second Runner Up will receive:
*5 000L gift certificate from SF's Design

These are the photos of SilkyVv, Thrishia Denver, Mschevia Resident, & Philippe Byron in the Casual Attire first round

These are the photos of the contestants of the Formal 2nd Round

The judges had similar comments. Mostly about poses or items of clothing/hair going through the body or similar posing but over all each contestant did a fantastic job! I definitely learned the importance of choosing proper posing for each and every outfit. One mistake can cost you the competition.

Congrats to Thrishia Denver, Mschevia Resident, and Philippe Byron for making it to the finals! They will be styling on October 28th at 12pm SLT.

Good Luck!


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